The Wardens: founded in the aftermath of the Third Allef-Naguli War, the Wardens are the peacekeeping arm of the Armistice League. Tasked with maintaining galactic peace and safeguarding the inhabitants of The Edge, the Wardens overworked and understaffed. In spite of this the beings that wear the Warden Star are dedicated to the service and resolute in their duty.

Six Wardens from different backgrounds and from across Known Space have been brought together by a mysterious benefactor to form Warden Squad 381. Their supervisor is an alcoholic, their administrator is a quirky “Artie” that’s a stickler for the rules, and their name-stricken ship is potentially a cursed vessel. Even so, the six Wardens have something to prove to themselves and the galaxy at large — which is a good thing. The galaxy has plans for these heroes, even though they don’t know it yet.


Hex in silver banner